I’m upset, Ye.

These are some of my thoughts on Kanye, raw and unedited, that I have put together quickly as I just feel like I need to get this off my chest.

It was with age I found that you shouldn’t idolise celebrities or anyone for that matter. It was also with age I found that it was ok to marvel at an individuals genius and ability to excel in their craft, yet not look to them as an example or shining light. This is where I lie with Kanye.

As any child of around 12/13/14 would when they grew up on Kanye’s Music, you idolised his rapping, musical skill, character, confidence and demeanour. But you find as you get older, idolising individuals means you rely heavily on people to be what you perceive as being successful or perfect, which is humanly impossible because we are all flawed. But in the matter of Kanye I can’t help but feel extremely disappointed. While I understand that individuals over time grow and develop new ideas and perspectives, Kanye has deviated so far away from what he once was, that at times he is almost unrecognisable.

He was once what many would deem a responsible voice within the black community that would find no trouble in telling the inconvenient truth, even if it was unsettling for many to hear. His outburst against George Bush springs to mind. Although his recent outbursts and misguided support of Trump were odd, it was his argument that slavery was a choice that really left me confused and upset. I had heard there was meant to be further context on that comment in this album, which turned out not to be true. In fact it was worse, it amplified what many were beginning to believe, and what J. Cole had alluded to in False Prophets. Kanye had the chance to address the slavery comment and said this,


He made no attempt to atone or even add context to his statement, rather in his Kanye style of arrogance, seems to find issue with the uproar against his statement and counts us lucky to not have met him on a bad day, really Ye? Even worse, his wife Kim, seems more disturbed at the prospect of losing wealth because of the statement, rather than the negative connotations it reinforces. Whether he realises it or not, his voice is powerful, his words unfortunately have meaning and right now he isn’t responsibly using his position or voice to further the progress of black communities.

Is the production on Kanye’s latest album good? Sure. But what drew me to Kanye was how he was so relatable to the average person as well as his ability to touch on contemporary issues not just within the black community, but within this world. He did so in an entertaining, engaging and humorous way. But in general now I struggle to laugh with him, or entertain his lyrics and thoughts which have become hollow, lifeless and unrelatable.

In fairness to him ‘Violent Crimes’ is reminiscent of the classic Kanye, but unfortunately his good moments are few and far between and his douchebag behaviour makes it hard to enjoy these moments.

After these ramblings, I’m not too sure if I’m more disappointed in Kanye or myself for retaining hope in an individual I don’t even know on a personal level.

But anyway, just be better tomorrow Ye.


Return of the Space Cowboy

Yesterday there was official confirmation from Jamiroquai’s official Facebook page that the band were releasing a new album called Automaton.

What a time to be alive!!

It’s been 7 years since the bands last album Rock Dust Light Star, which to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of.

However, if their most recent snippet is an inclination of what’s to come, we should all be very excited!

But besides the music, this is also an opportunity to finally see Jamiroquai live. Being born in 93 I missed the opportunity to see prime Jamiroquai and seeing them live will be something off my bucket list. 

Jamiroquai are probably my favourite band period, and with the stellar return of A Tribe Called Quest last year, I have a really good feeling about this album. 

Hopefully we’re blessed with more music like this 🙏🏿,

Jamiroquai- Light Years

Mac Miller- The Divine Feminine & his Rising Trajectory 

Mac Miller has come a long from Easy Mac with the cheesy raps to the versatile artist he is now. 

His sound and abilities stretch further than rap, and the Divine Feminine is an example to this.

Though this album has only been out for a few days, I have given it numerous listens already, it been in heavy heavy rotation these last few days! and so far it comes across as his most cohesive and succinct ALBUM (not project) to date.

On Mac’s previous albums he has been privy to having filler songs or radio song that didn’t really do too much to add to the albums overall quality, but on this album he has really ‘trimmed the fat’ so to say, giving the album a respectable 10 songs with an overall album length of approx 52 minutes. Mac isn’t the only artist guilty of having filler songs and an overly lengthy album (almost every artist is!), though I understand the difficulty of producing a reduced tracklist and an LP under an hour. It’s almost akin to that of an essay, in that it’s tempting to produce a piece of work that is lengthy and covers all your bases, which can actually work against you as you can at times lose the interest of the reader and the point of your essay, whereas an succinct and to the point essay carries a clearer and punchier message. So I applaud Mac on the risk he took with this album and his ability to do just that and produce a succinct and cohesive project!

Mac’s use of  features on this album work seamlessly and perfectly compliment the beat and Mac. The stand-out features for me are Anderson .Paak’s and Kendrick’s features on ‘Dang‘ and ‘God is Fair, Sexy Nasty’ respectively. Though neither have an actually verse on said songs, the use of their vocals for the hook is well executed, with .Paak’s unique voice and style fitting the upbeat tempo of Dang and Kendrick perfectly fitting the eerie, spacey and smooth sound of God is Fair, Sexy Nasty. 

Mac is clearly in a good space at the moment, being that he has seemingly found love, and this happiness and positivity he is experiencing has been transpired into the feel of this album, making it one of his ‘lighter/happier’ projects to date. 

Just from a general understanding of people’s reactions to this album, it all seems to be very positive and eye-opening for those who aren’t too familiar with Mac’s non-rap projects. This could be the project where people begin to realise Mac has more to him to many of these other rappers, though this album and it’s executions comes as no surprise to me.

He is one of the few rappers who are comfortable stepping out of the rap bubble to venture into other sounds and genres. From his very underrated and under appreciated Jazz mixtape ‘You‘ under his pseudonym Larry Lovestein, to his psychedelic sound/phase to his latest almost RnB/funk/soft rock/rap album, he has always been brave enough to step out of his comfort zone and to date he has delivered each time.

Mac’s versatility and consistency has made him one of my favourite artists period and I look forward to what his future music holds, but for now I’m going to deeply enjoy this album and let it really sink in!

Don’t sleep on Mac!!

Morning Commute Playlist

The music you listen to in the morning can to a degree, set the tone for your morning or even the rest of the day, so it’s always good to start your day off right! 

On a morning where I’ve taken a break from Blond, I’ve turned to a quick fire playlist I created a couple of days ago, tailored especially for mornings! 

I hope you enjoy this playlist, its diverse in its sounds and tempo, but I prefer it that way. Please feel free to share any songs you would recommend for an early morning commute, or even just in general!!

  1. Tame impala- Wander 
  2. Isaiah Rashad- By George (outro)
  3. Isaiah Rashad- Find a Topic (Hokies begged) 
  4. Frank ocean- Nights 
  5. Toro y moi- Best Around 
  6. Jamiroquai- Scam 
  7. Anderson paak- Without You 
  8. Amy winehouse- Half Time 
  9. Erykah badu- Appletree 
  10. Bondax- Gold (snakeships remix) 
  11. Tyler the Creator- Find Your Wings 
  12. ATCQ- Busta’s Lament
  13. Roy woods- She Knows About Me 
  14. Q-Tip- Getting Up
  15. Scienze ft Blu- Charlie Brown 
  16. Sampha- Timmy’s prayer 
  17. Nosaj ft Toro Y Moi- Try 
  18. Aaliyah- Choosey Lover 
  19. Little Brother- Whatever you say 
  20. Kanye West- Ultralight Beam 

Song of the day

D’Angelo & The Vanguard- Another Life

If you really like your music, then D’Angelo needs no introduction. 

This was my favourite song from ‘Black Messiah‘, an album that was sonically beautiful. 

D’Angelos attention to detail accompanied by the layering of his production and almost incomparable use of live instruments is what sets him apart from many artists, he truly is special.

This album was worth the 14 year wait for sure and this song capped off what was a musical masterpiece, enjoy!

Chillwave Sunday

It’s a nice day in London today. Not too hot but not too cold, just chilled. This is how every Sunday should be, relaxing and peaceful. 

Music can help set the tone for your day, trust me it can! So I started off with a bit of Toro Y Moi to set the mood.

I’m a big fan of Toro and I have been for years, and I find my favourite songs of his change from time to time. Today my favourite song is ‘Yeah Right’. 

One of of his more lengthy songs, but justifiably so, mellow and subtle in its delivery, it’s perfect for chilled Sunday vibe, check it out below: 

Toro Y Moi- Yeah Right   The song starts from 30:30, but if you like the song and have the time I recommend just listening to the whole album, there’s a few gems on there, you won’t regret it 😉

Happy Sunday! 

Happy Birthday Yeezy!

Happy birthday to the extraordinaire, phenomenon, Kanye West!! 

Whether you love him or loathe him, his impact on hip-hop and popular culture is undeniable, from his music to his trainers.

He has the most consistent discography of any rapper from his era, and next, and I’m not even up for debating that. 

From his sometimes deep, thought-provoking, misguided thoughts in interviews, to his hilarious outbursts and rants, sometimes I feel like he’s just a misunderstood soul at times, with the right intention at heart.

P.S. I also think Ye’s humour in songs is heavily overlooked…’I am a God, hurry up with my damn croissant’ 

As its his birthday, it’s only right I share one of my favourite Ye songs, All Falls Down 

Never stop being you Yeezy!

Drake & Zane Lowe interview 

Zane Lowe is one of my favourite interviewers when it comes to music. He’s one of the few presenters who seriously try to get an insight into the artist and their music and the things that revolve around it. His interviews with Kanye for one are legendary. 

But it was Drake who said something really interesting in this interview that really resonated with the say I’ve been feeling about music and albums lately. You can listen here:

The bit in referring to in the interview should start from around 18m20s, from which Drake talks about how some albums and songs are made not be understood on first attempt, something I talked about in my last post on Kendrick’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’.

When listening to views I thought to myself, he’s made this album for himself and those that have enjoyed his old work, instead of producing an album he thinks people want to hear (I feel like NWTS was victim of that slightly).  Looking at the general response to the album, my thoughts were right, not everyone gets it or likes it. But sit with the album for a while and I’m sure it will grow on you. 

After all where’s the fun in understanding an album first time, booooring!!

To Pimp a Butterfly, overlooked? 

King Kendrick, in my eyes released a classic album last year in To Pimp a Butterfly, an opinion I’m sure the average hip-hop fan or even music listener would disagree with.

Where did it go wrong? 

Well that’s the thing,… nothing went wrong with the album at all. Critically, it’s the best average rating an album has received since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy if I’m not mistaken. But a critically acclaimed album doesn’t really matter too much, as music is made for the listeners, and not for the amusement of a music critic. 

From my knowledge and surroundings, TUPaB was nowhere near as well received as Good Kid Maad City of by the Kendrick fans I know off, and there’s a few reasons why.


  1. Short attention spans: I don’t buy into the whole ‘you have to be a certain level of intelligence to enjoy J.Cole and Kendrick’ argument, but there is there is the smallest element of truth in that argument, but not so big that it would turn away a listener. Rather I think on a general consensus, there is a lack of patience. If an album doesn’t grasp someone within the first listen, most people are ready to call it trash. Honestly, on my first listen I wasn’t  blown away, I was a bit bewildered actually. But musically and thematically it grew on me after 4/5 listens, and if you’re a Kendrick fan you owe it to him to give his album the time and attention it deserves, considering he spent over a year creating this project! Thematically the album may have thrown some people off at first, and admittedly it took closer listening to understand Kendricks lyrics and purpose on this album than it did on his previous albums. But I guess the short attention spans are a result of the unlimited access we have to music these days, if something doesn’t grasp you instantly , there’s something else round the corner that will. 
  2. The beats: Sonically the album was way more adventurous and had a bit of a jazz, neo-soul vibe to it. It wasn’t full of the heavy bass, repeating drum loops and 808’s everyone loves, rather the beats were more detailed and there were a lot more live instruments involved in this album than on the average rap album. Sonically, I couldn’t help but compare this album to D’Angelos ‘Black Messiah’ album, which is a huge testament to the sound Kendrick crafted on his album. But I suppose if your music palette isn’t to expansive then you’re unlikely to enjoy this album sonically (which means for most people that they won’t appreciate anything about the song/album because you know the beat is everything right?!). 
  3. Too different: I guess this album was just too damn different for its own good right? Erm, no…not really. It was refreshing. For those who are fans of Kendrick because of his mixtapes and albums, in particular GKMC, they may have been thrown off by the more secularised approach he took with this album and is now taking. He didn’t really produce a song with the intention of making it a radio hit, he didn’t fill his album with popular artists and producers either, rather he carefully picked the features and songs that would fit in with the theme of his album. For instance Rapsody’s feature on complexion was in my top 5 verses of 2015, and his clever use of Snoop, Bilal and frequent collaborator Anna Wise across ‘instituitonalized’ and ‘these walls’ made these songs great. Kendrick ignored the industry gimmicks and made this album for himself and those who enjoy music (this isn’t to say if you didn’t like it you don’t enjoy music!). His approach was pure and devoid of any feeling he had to please the masses, which funnily enough didn’t please the masses. 

These are just a few ramblings of the cuff, but for some reason it irks me that such albums are slept on and disregarded because people are either too close minded or pay no attention to detail. 

It’s a shame, I guess the more simplistic albums and songs have more appeal, but if you’re looking for a more fiddling experience during an album it isn’t always the ones that you connect with straight away. 

What I’m tryna say is, take your time when you’re listening to music, don’t be so quick to have an opinion or jump on a bandwagon! 

    New Visuals (Kali Uchis- Only Girl) 

    Kali Uchis shares her latest visuals for her new single ‘Only Girl‘, which is said to be on her upcoming album. 

    She is joined by Vince Staples and rising star Steve Lacy, who is very very very talented and only 17!! (I highly recommend you check out his Soundcloud and music with his band The Internet). They each play their role in this song perfectly to produce a great track overall. 

    The video itself is fun overall and fits the song and it’s lyrics well (something that is almost rare these days!). Steve Lacy is searching for Kali (only girl for him) in the mist of her clones.

    Kali has a unique sound, coupled with a great range of vocals, and with her only being 22, the sky is her limit.

    She’s already released an ep called ‘Por Vida‘, which is a very accomplished piece of work, so I’m expecting big things for her album, and she’s of to a great start with this single!